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Tips to take a good food picture

Photography is not as easy it looks. It is an art and requires more skill to capture the natural-looking pics. When it comes to taking food pictures, then the challenge becomes harder. read more…

Why is Tiktok so popular

As a comparatively smaller video platform today Tiktok is one among the most widely used platforms, especially by the young users. The “go viral” effect of this app is read more…

Why Snapchat is losing users

Recently the stock price of Snapchat has been showing a steep downward trend. The number of active users of Snapchat is down to alarming level and unlike in the past, read more…

What is Fake News?

Every now and then we are exposed to information that is hardly true. And, these pieces of information are also known as fake news. read more…

Negative Effect of Social Media

Social media is a serious attraction for many people, which glue them to their mobiles or computer screens for a long time every day. Users cannot stop praising the beneficial read more…

Positive Effect of Social Media

Social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are widely used all over the world now. Many people are quite addicted to these sites, irrespective of their ages. read more…

Is Black Friday Still Relevant?

Black Friday is an informal name of the day after Thanksgiving. It also marks the beginning of the holiday season and is one of the busiest shopping days in the year. read more…

Interesting Facts About Instagram

If someone told you that they didn’t know about Instagram, they must be too old to download and use the app. Anyone who is old enough to see pictures know about Instagram. read more…


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