Who doesn’t like Instagram? Whether to create content or for posting casual pictures on Instagram, you need useful apps. So, let us look at the best three apps which will help you in this regard. 


VSCO is consistently maintaining the top spot in terms of best photo creating apps for social media, especially for those who love Instagram. It is the most loved apps because of various features. The most significant advantage of this app is its user-friendly interface. 


It comes with 13 different filters, and all of them are beautiful, and they help to enhance the photos without distorting or making them look too filtered. 

X-Skew feature is one of the best features you can find in any app. It will help the user to change the angle of the pic. Similar to the X-Skew, you can get the feature of Y-Skew, it helps to shift the focus of your photos. 

Apart from these features, it allows the users to enhance clarity by increasing the sharpness of the images. Tint, skin tone, fade, shadows tint, highlights tint is also available to enhance the look of images. 


2. Snapseed

Snapseed is another most downloaded apps for photo editing by the android and iPhone users. This app is straightforward and self-explanatory to use. It has additional features, including essential functions such as crop, brightness, contrast.


You can easily control the brightness level by swiping your screen. The saturation feature allows the users to increase the look of the image without making the photos look edited and fake. 

Ambiance feature is the best feature you can find in this app, and it will assist those users who don’t want to mess with the brightness, contrast, and color. With a just swipe, you can instantly brighten the pic, add more color, and also it removes the contrast. 

Other features

  • Crop
  • Healing
  • Brush
  • Selective – alter certain parts of the images
  • perspective – adds more space to the image
  • White balance – help to adjust the temperature and tint in one setting 


3. Canva

Canva is one of the favorite apps to create unique design and eye-catching Instagram stories. Thanks to its library, it allows the user to create impressive images with a wide range of templates. 


The photo straightener feature allows the users to adjust and rotate the photos the way they desire. Like any other photo creator apps, you can get the feature of cropping the images.

One of the best things is you can add text to the images, and hence you can create a narrative for your pictures. For the people who want to create memes will love this app because of speech bubbles. 

Other Features

  • With the transparency tool, you can give a delicate fade to images
  • Photo enhancer option increases the brightness and enhances its clarity
  • Blur option helps to blur the entire or selected parts of your pic
  • Want a vintage look? Photo Vintage option allows you to do that
  • Along with these, you will get the features of Design Grids, free icons, photo frames, stickers, badges.