Instagram is fast emerging as the most preferred social media platform for marketers. With over 1 billion total active users and over 500 million daily users, Instagram provides you a vast global customer base to market to. Most of the top global brands have Instagram page and have leveraged its power to expand their customer base and sales. The key benefits of selling on Instagram are as follows:

Large Tech-Savvy Market

Instagram as a social media platform is dominated by the young and tech-savvy users. Most of the Instagram users are in the age group of 18-29 who are open to adopting new technology. These users are not only likely to but they highly prefer online shopping due to their tech-savviness. If you want to market your product to the youth and tech-savvy customers, then Instagram is the perfect marketing platform for you. You can segment the users by age on Instagram to target your potential youth and tech-savvy customers effectively.

Better Call to Action

The Instagram users are known to take better call to action. 75% of them are likely to take an action once they visit a website after checking the Instagram post. This helps you to increase your sales considerably. Even if the users don’t finally make the purchase decision, you can still retarget them with Instagram ads once they visit the website through your Instagram post.

Strong Visual Platform

One of the biggest benefits of selling on Instagram is that it is a strong visual platform. Visuals are highly powerful medium for information dissemination and more than 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual. It is a photo-centric social media platform which is comprised only photographs and videos. Text is option for not mandatory on Instagram. Both photographs and videos are more effective and outperform text-only social media posts. Thus, marketing on Instagram allows your customers to remember your product and brand name better and makes them more likely to engage with your posts and take the desired call to action.

Advanced Social Media Targeting Options

Instagram has one of the most advanced social media targeting options. You can target your audience using multiple filters like gender, age, income levels, location, hobbies, etc. This helps you to create more customized and highly targeted ads and promotional content for your audience. In addition to cold targeting, you can also undertake effective retargeting of the customers. Once a user visits your website through the Instagram post but does not make the desired call to action, then you can use Instagram to retarget them.