Christmas and New Year celebrations are around the corner as the year 2019 is going to end in few days. There are many ways available for expressing wishes to friends and family.
The social media platforms play an important role in this process because they help to engage the audience with innovative ideas. Moreover, businesses can use the opportunity that can drive more traffic to their website. Another thing about social media marketing is that it gives ways to increase sales effectively for obtaining optimal results.

Here are some Christmas and New Year ideas meant for social media ad campaigns.

  1. Greeting loved ones

It is not possible to meet close people during Christmas & New Year celebrations. A business company can create a greeting card with personalization options for customers. While there are many apps available for this purpose, it becomes a simple one to create a greeting card with animation. When a person receives the card, it will show the animation along with messages.

  1. Creating own gifts

Gifts will create impacts on customers and businesses should focus more on creating them with unique approaches. It is advisable to create an additional page on social media platforms such as Face book to present a set of gift hampers including e-books.

  1. Striking photos

Photos speak more than words and business firms should post them with outstanding designs and styles. In addition, it will capture the minds of followers effectively that can help to get the desired results.

  1. Entertainment

The countdowns are one of the effective ways to create the best impressions on audience. A business firm should take advantage of them by developing their own countdown types which include contests, daily prizes, and offers.

  1. Contests

Contests are one of the best ways to reach more customers easily. Businesses can organize photo contests, vote contests, and essay contests for followers that can help to increase sales significantly.

  1. Coupons and group coupons

Coupons and group coupons enable businesses to grab the attention of followers as soon as possible. A business firm can create an additional page in face book which covers the details of coupons that encourage people to invite friends.

  1. Interactive content

Businesses should allow their followers to share their holiday stories, recipes, and other things in comment section. This will help a lot to get high conversion rates which grow the business to a large extent.