Currently, the Internet has made our lives easier, while personal life has also become more difficult. In particular, the intervention of the Internet has disturbed the school children and youth the most. Cyberbullying is having a very bad effect on the mental and educational development of children. This keeps him under stress, due to which his studies are affected.

By creating cyber-criminal social networking such as email Instagram Facebook, duplicate software and fake websites, people of financial companies and various types of entities are victims of fraud. Especially colleges cheat college students very easily.

What is cyberbullying?

When a person threatens or harasses another person on the Internet, especially on social media sites. This may include harassing behavior, abusive language, sexual comment, threats, rumors, warnings of publishing personal information, foul language, photographs and harassing in the Internet with threats. Such as cheating and harassing someone by using online internet fake website through electronic and communication etc. This is cyber pulling.

Students should give information about cyber pulling in their school.

If a student is troubled by serious crimes like cyber pulling, please inform the school authorities, authorities immediately about it.

At present, cyber pulling crime is increasing very fast on social media, especially innocent students and individuals are falling victim to this fraud.

Let’s know some ways to avoid cyberbullying

Do not ignore – If someone abuses you on any social media site, do not ignore them. In this way, he will mislead you many times.

Report on social media – If you have seen any comment, post, photo or video on social media that has harassed you, you can report it on social media.

Take immediate legal action – If someone misbehaves with you on the Internet, you should take immediate legal action against him. For this, you should keep his message, photo or video as evidence and report (FIR) to the nearest police station.

These are legal offenses – cyber activities have been considered a crime under a range of different activities, including protection from the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and the Harassment Act 1997. Report the activity to the police if your child’s ethnicity, gender, disability, harassment in the form of discrimination as well as harming or abetting the child.

Conclusion- In the Internet world, there are both good and bad for humans. It is better for you if you do not bring your personal life to the Internet. You will never be a victim of cyberbullying like this. So always be careful.

Hopefully, you have understood something about dense bullying.