It is important to use strong passwords to secure any type of account. Passwords are required to create security to email ids and all types of accounts, so as to protect credentials and data. Using just the encryption key is not going to help solve security issues. Strong password will be required for each account to ensure robust protection. Passwords are to be changed frequently to ensure to make it tough for hackers to break security. For accounts and data protection, some caution is to be taken and strong password created.

Tips to create strong passwords

  • Create unique passwords for each account: Having one common password for all accounts will only bring more risk. Hackers can find it easy to get into such accounts as it will be easy and effortless to guest the combination, to break security. Memorizing multiple passwords can be complex task, however, it can help to stay safe within the challenging environment.
  • Try uncommon idiom or phrase which you only know: It can help you to remember the password easily and to avoid storing them. The phrase needs to be unique and something that you only know. It should be related to any specific account to make it easy to keep in mind the particular keyword meant for the particular sit. The password needs to have plenty of variations and robust combinations.
  • Use long string of letters, numbers, symbols for generating robust passwords: The password that is unique and long will be really tough to crack. Longer passwords can help to keep crucial information safe. If special characters such as symbols, numbers and letters are used, the hacker will find it tough to guess the right key combination. Simple passwords can be much simpler to be hacked by the experts. Continuous numeric values such as ‘123456….’ and characters like ‘abcd…’ is to be avoided along with common words like mobile number, company name and password, as they are easy to be cracked.
  • Take password recovery option, keep it current: If account access is lost due to usage of wrong password or password forgotten, the account is sure to be locked out. Some way is definitely there to get back into the account. Professional services do exist to help recover email address and to reset the password. Recovery options are to be kept current to recover password and address.

Using the above tips can help you to create strong password that will keep your crucial information safe and secure.

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