Instagram is regarded to be a wonderful tool to be used by churches, nonprofits, schools as well as civic groups. It is loved by people, due to its easy-to-use feature and being all about visuals.


Why Instagram?

According to statistics:

  • It boasts of having 600+ active monthly users
  • 2 billion people regularly like videos and pictures
  • 40+ billion pictures shared through the social site
  • 28% web users between 18 & 29 years use this platform
  • 8% brands use it and this is only expected to increase by 70% soon.


Reasons for nonprofits, brands to migrate to Instagram

  • 10 pictures or videos allowed to be uploaded into single boast. If primary image captures someone’s attention, they will browse the other pictures or videos.
  • Ads can be created or posts sponsored to target audience to help grow with the correct set of people and encourage the target audience to be involved.

In short, Instagram has been found to be among the best tools to grow the base. Awareness of the brand can be raised through visual stories and have people to get involved and care for the work. By using hashtags creatively, follower base can be created every passing week.


Some useful tips to grow followers on Instagram

  • The right time to engage on this site is on Monday & Thursday.
  • About 30 hashtags is permitted to be used. Relevant hashtags are to be used. Some hashtags that can be used are #nonprofit, #causes, #volunteer, #fundraising, #philanthropy.
  • The uploaded videos need to be catchy and interesting. If it is not made fun, then it should at least be striking and of high quality. Ensure that the posted images or videos are good enough to grab the viewer’s attention. If not, then others will not get engaged.
  • Have people tagged in the posts. Use user name (@mention) to tag the champions, best supporters and others who are not part of the organization to assist in raising awareness. By tagging others, the posts can stay relevant for a longer time.
  • Social media is more about networking. The fact is people are more interested to see the ‘person’ behind the account.
  • Generation Z and Millennials and others are known to use emojis and filters. Add emojis to the videos and posts and filter images. As people scroll, it can help to grab their attention.

Using the above following tips can help the person to enjoy the benefits offered by Instagram.

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