If you are tired of listening to the same question often “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” I have a solution for you. You might an own a facility or place where lots of people visit at a time such as café, restaurant, clinic, or you are just having a barbeque party at weekend and worried that people are going to ask you for your Wi-Fi password. You may be happy to give away your friends or customers with free internet access but providing internet isn’t same as letting everyone go through your secure password. Luckily, there is a way you can let people connect to your Wi-Fi without sharing your password.

You can create a QR code using a simple website https://routerqr.com/ that you can then share with anyone you want. When the other person scans this QR code, they will be able to connect to your Wi-Fi without any password.







Let me take you through each step if you haven’t created QR code before.

  • The first step is to find your Wi-Fi network’s name. Also known as SSID or service set identifier. For example, if your internet network is “InternetInTheAir”. That’s your SSID. If you don’t know what your network’s name is, go to Connections app on your smartphone. Then Wi-Fi. Tap to slide it to ON. Your SSID will be the Wi-Fi network that says “Connected


  • Identify your Network Encryption Type. Tap on your SSID from this same menu and your network encryption type will be under the “Security”. After you find out your wireless network name and Network Encryption Type, write these on a piece of paper. You are going to need these in the next steps.



  • The QR code generator can generate QR codes of various kinds. By default, the app will create a Text-based QR code. You can chose diffrent templates


  • Enter your Wi-Fi name, password, network type in the app. These are the records you noted on the paper in the beginning. After you enter all the information, hit Generate to create the QR code.


  • Now, after everything is done, you can share your Wi-Fi network with your friends with QR code saved on your smartphone.