Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that many people use regularly. It is not just youngsters who use but also people of all ages use it.

It is one of the easiest ways to share your pictures and let the world see what you are doing. Like other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram is a way to let your friends see your activities. It also allows people to follow others and watch what they do. Instagram focuses mainly on the sharing of photos and videos.

What Makes Instagram So Popular?

With the increase in the availability of the internet and the introduction of mobile phones with excellent cameras, the use of Instagram has spread to most countries. Instagram can be used in both iOS and Android platforms which means that it will work on 99% of the smartphones. It is easy to create an account on Instagram. All you need is a Facebook account or an email account to create an account on the social media platform.

From the time it was launched in 2010 Instagram has come a low way in improvements. Today you can post from your existing stock of photos. You have various editing and correcting tools which can be used to make your pictures more attractive. It is a platform that concentrates more on visual messages and hence having good photos is essential. You can also tag your location and friends on Instagram.
The Top 10 Countries Where Instagram Is Most Popular

Though the site is popular in most countries around the world certain countries have gone way ahead of others in using the platform. As of April 2019, the US topped the list of countries with 110 million users. This is followed by Brazil which has 70 million users and India with 69 million users. The countries that are in the list of top 10 are Indonesia (59m), Russia (40m), Turkey (37m), Japan (26m), UK (23m), Mexico (22m), Germany (19m) and Italy (19m).

Who Uses Instagram?
The social media platform is being used by a variety of people from all walks of life. Many celebrities from different fields use the site for spreading their fame and also informing their followers about their latest projects and successes. It also allows fans to follow their favorite heroes and their lives.

Many companies are also using Instagram as suitable media for marketing. They can get many users to follow their account. This helps them to immediately tell people about their latest products and other news.