Nowadays a large number of mobile apps have emerged that provide dating and match making services. At the forefront of this revolution is Instagram which is quickly transforming itself into a dating platform. There are several options that you can avail for using Instagram as a dating tool.

Two important reasons why Instagram is the perfect app for dating is due to its reach and ease of use. As per the latest statistics Instagram has more than 800 million users worldwide of which about 300 million use Instagram Stories every day. The platform thus provides a large search base of prospective dates and matches making it the perfect app to find the love of your life. Also, it is very easy to share your Instagram handle and to follow someone’s posts or stories on Instagram. Mutually interested people can also send direct messages (DM) and communicate further.

Another reason why Instagram and dating are becoming synonymous is the safety factor. The app has standard security measures in place and ensures that your privacy and personal space is respected. You can easily select who views your photos and stories and even block unwanted attention.

People nowadays are using Instagram not only to post personal photos but also for expanding their business, keeping in touch with family and friends and yes for dating purposes as well. You can easily gauge if someone is interested in you by the number of likes they put on your stories and the frequency of their visits to your posts. Then you can like them back and move on to DM (direct messages).

Instagram provides a visual collage of your life which you can make interesting enough to attract the right kind of person. Compared to other social media platforms it provides a more in depth view of a person’s life and is updated much more frequently thus providing the most current information about a person. As we all know information is power. You can use all this data on Instagram to search for and attract the person you like thus proving Instagram to be a powerful dating platform.

People can easily share their Instagram handles on other apps such as Facebook, Tinder etc. If there is mutual attraction then they can communicate further on Instagram through pictures, stories and DM and take it from there. Overall, the use of Instagram as a dating app is becoming widely popular among the next generation.