Instagram had initially come up as a part of social media network through its links with Facebook. However, now it has essentially become an e-commerce site which provides a platform for flourishing your business and easily. It can be typically made use for products which are photogenic for images create a more impressive picture in the minds of people rather than mere words. Instagram can provide you with the huge fan following for your product which is the most important feature for any product to sell. So, let’s have a look as to how Instagram can be used to make money.

Few tactics to make money with Instagram

  • Use it to create an image as an influencer and approach brands: In today’s generation all of us like to use branded products whether it is clothes, mobile phones, bags, cosmetics, homeware, appliances. You can easily put up your cool photos in the attire of branded products and use it on Instagram to promote the product. Once you have a fan following, you could also approach the brand to pay you in return for modelling their products and gain a sponsorship. You can register yourself as an influencer on sites to make the process easy or approach brands on Instagram directly. However, do not lose the trust of your audience in marketing and make your posts with a hashtag.
  • Advertise your own products: Nowadays, business run by women mostly have been becoming the future of start-up companies. Many people who have started selling their own handmade products of Katha saris, tops and cosmetic products which are handmade have become popular than branded products. For them, Instagram can be an appropriate platform for the build of their business.
  • Become a seller of drop shipped products: If you affiliated to a brand and aim to advertise their products you can use Instagram. Once your fans start purchasing, you can start with a drop shipping business. In drop shipping, you do not have to hold an inventory or do anything yourself such as packaging or delivery. Once the purchase is made, all this would be directly done by the brand and the product delivered at the customer’s doorstep. You just need to be an advertiser for the product so that the brand finds more fans for enhancing their sale.
  • Sell photos and paintings: Instagram provides you the best platform to advertise your photos. Artists can sell their drawings, paintings and animations for people who really respect the art and establish a business making easy money. Instagram will also allow you to make your paintings famous and provide you with name, fame and money-all that is desired.

Instagram is an ideal platform for spreading business and for e-commerce applications. People can use it carefully and tactfully and their business will spread like fire making you rich in a matter of few days. It is the age of Instagram. So, click photos of yourself, brands, and products and market them to gain confidence. Give yourself a completely new image with Instagram and let your image spread throughout the world.