An Instagram influencer is one who is trustworthy and has an established credibility and audience and can persuade people by virtue of their authenticity. They are people who use the brand with hashtag and enhance the impact of the brand on the market. Becoming an Instagram Influencer is requires patience and skill. You have to convey your stories to the public so that they can be convinced enough to follow you. Instagram Influencers can earn huge money once they establish themselves.

How to become an Instagram Influencer?

Create an Attractive Bio: Your profile can say a lot of things about you. You have to create an attractive and superb biography for yourself and showcase your niche of interest. Based on that brands may approach you or you can directly get in touch with them.

Choose Your passion: Make a choice of the field that you are passionate about and not just by following someone else who is successful in it. Try to develop the base of your niche by posting photos of your passion which could be photography, modelling, cooking or anything else. This will help in marketing yourself and win confidence of your audience. People would know your experience and skill in the particular field.

Share your stories: Once you have established yourself, start sharing your personal stories which will help you to come as more amenable and attractive and connect you better with your audience.

Who can be an Influencer?

Generally influencers are people who can persuade them about a particular product with their experience base, knowledge, skill and connectivity with people. Not everyone has the ability to be an influencer.

Celebrities: Star celebrities are successful in their lives and easily influence people to use a particular brand by providing an author’s bio or making a video. They stand as role models and perfect admirable figures some of whom are followed blindly. However, most companies do not have crores of money to hire celebrities every time. Looking from the point of view of an Instagram influencer we can have:

Bloggers: People who have a personal blog where they post about a particular movie or food or travel freely and can be particularly followed by general public. They can serve as excellent influencers and impact industry. Blog posts may also have beautiful photography and powerful words which will impact people further.

Content writers: They are the trend setters working with the power of their literature. They may be journalists or regular writers who have an established audience and their words count in making a decision for their followers.

Micro-influencers: These people can create an impact with their photos and writing, however, they do not have a very huge fan following. The percentage of their fans who are influenced is much more than those who have huge group of fans. So if you can influence 50% out of 1000 followers, it acts better than when you persuade only 20% of 2000 followers.

An Instagram Influencer is basically a person who can provide continued opinion of a brand or product, is authentic and trustworthy and can persuade people effectively.