If someone told you that they didn’t know about Instagram, they must be too old to download and use the app. Anyone who is old enough to see pictures know about Instagram.

It is one of the most popular social media platforms. People were taking photos even before Instagram came into existence and were sharing it using many methods. But with Instagram sharing photos and short videos has become very easy.

The Use And Popularity Of Instagram

The number of people that use the social media platform and the popularity it has gained should be enough to make anyone want to use the platform for advertising their products. The platform has 1 billion active users the figure that it reached in June 2018. More than half of these users are active on the platform daily. It is only next to Facebook and YouTube when it comes to the number of daily users.

Instagram is the social media platform that is the number two most engaged network. This is not surprising considering that at least 37.4% of the people in the US who have internet access are active on the platform once a month. What should make companies sit up and take note is that out of the 1 billion users a staggering 71% is below the age of 35. Imagine the impact companies will have if advertised on this platform.

Instagram And Businesses

It will be interesting to note that a lot of businesses use the platform to further their business interests. 71% of the companies in the US are using Instagram for their business. Among the hashtags used in Instagram 70% are used by popular brands. The main advantage for companies is that they can use the site for influencing youngsters. It is also very economical to use it for marketing.

It is not just companies that benefit from the platform. 83% of people who are using Instagram have said that they learn about new products from the social media platform. That should tell you something about how much people are using Instagram.

Instagram Stories

It was only in 2016 that Instagram launched feature stories where users can share photos or videos that will automatically disappear after 24 hours. But today it is one of the most used features by people to tell their friends about their latest activities. More than 500 million users update their stories daily. Launching the feature has made more people use the platform on a daily basis making it even more beneficial for businesses to be on the platform.