The month of February is on and social media sites have already started filling up with posts of love and affection. Valentine’s Day due on 14th of February preceding with a series of similar occasions such as Rose Day,Teddy Day and Kiss Day is going to be here soon.

It’s the one day that is special for everybody and whether you are planning to stay alone, pamper yourself with chocolates and ice cream or spend the day with your loved one, you would be wanting to post those special photos which show your love, beauty and shower of blessings or even your sulking face missing your better half.

Valentine’s Day in the Christian culture is celebrated in the honor of St. Valentine and is a feast day which has been linked, in more recent eras of poetry, to love and food, rather than the original culture. In ancient times it has been an auspicious occasion to hold weddings or find loved ones for yourself.

In most countries now, this day is celebrated with great fervor where people rejoice having a soul mate and you can see not only couples but also families and close friends enjoying the flavor of the day. It is just another day when you can celebrate being together and at the end of the day, do not forget to share your Valentine’s Day celebration on Instagram.

Social media sites have become an integral part of our lives keeping us alive and in connection with people near or far. Starting from Orkut and those crazy days, a new social media site crops up with the changing taste of people. Facebook and Instagram has taken the craze these days and it is invariant to make a post every now and then, share with your friends and family.

Coming around the corner is Valentine’s Day and for Instagram, you must all be planning to take some great shots with your loved ones. So put on your best attire and have some delicious food, enjoy and share the fun and love of Valentine’s Day on Instagram.

For those who want to celebrate among themselves and in a small way, may also put a small post. Instagram provides you a platform to share and care and make it special with the one you love. So, show it to your people that this year’s Valentine’s Day is an extra special occasion and Instagram can surely help you with that. Just don’t forget to post.