Social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are widely used all over the world now. Many people are quite addicted to these sites, irrespective of their ages. Sometimes, people complain of a few negative effects of social media on teenagers while lots of users acclaim these sites for a large number of positive effects.

Easy and fast connectivity – These social media sites help in connecting people online, even if they live miles apart from each other. These sites connect like-minded people irrespective of their locations, religions, and social backgrounds. People can find their old friends and long-lost relatives on social media sites, which help them in restoring their relationships with these near ones. Some social media sites, like LinkedIn help in connecting professional people from different industrial sectors, which is a beneficial factor for their careers.

Sharing increases knowledge – People share many facts about their locations and trips to other places on social media sites. Their friends can gain immense knowledge from these posted photos and information. Many people share their personal and professional experience on these sites so that others can be benefitted from such vital particulars. This feature of sharing is also helpful for students, who learn many things from fellow students of other institutions and also teachers, who are on their friends’ lists and share useful stuff on social media.

Guidance of elders online – Sometimes, parents find it hard to communicate with their growing children due to a generation gap. However, they can now check the social media accounts of their kids and find about their emotional changes and demands from life. Parents can also see here the types of friends with whom their teenage children are mingling, which is a major factor for building up their personalities. Other elder people can also guide these teenagers in various matters, by commenting on their posts of social media sites.

Useful for professional improvement – Social media sites help in boosting the professional skills of people involved in various fields. Young students can choose their career interests by following the posts of experienced people involved in different professions. They can also learn many lessons on these sites, which will be worthwhile in their professional life. There are some communities or forums on social media sites, where people belonging to the same profession can gain expertise by exchanging their views. Young professionals can showcase their talents on these platforms and achieve encouragement from senior people associated with those professions.

Moreover, these social media sites help in spreading social awareness among all members, by posting constructive messages on various important issues.