With the advent of smartphones and cameras, people have given more opportunity to capture every holiday or vacation they have. However, the issue today is that it tells the entire world more about you. Holiday pictures on different social media platforms such as Instagram are not an exception to that. If you are considering to take a holiday vacation with your friends or family this weekend, you need to consider when and why not to share them on Instagram.

The Risks of Sharing Your Holiday Pictures

Did you know that sharing holiday pictures on Instagram allows the whole world to know that you are not at your home? Yes, and that information informs vandals, burglars and other bad people to know that your home is not secure and exposed to whatsoever they wish to do.

You see, the chance of happening this is often a lot. Still, you do not take any avoidable risks online, so why should you bring them in the real world?

Remember this, even if your setting in Instagram is private, people are still engaging with the stuff you post. Most of these people, like, post some comments and sometimes ask questions, particularly if you are vacationing in a lovable and beautiful place.

Tips to Avoid the Danger

So, to prevent any mishaps from happening to your home and for your own safety as well, below are some tips you need to consider before posting your holiday pictures on Instagram.

  • Safeguard Your Location

The first thing you need to consider is to safeguard your location. You must not provide your actual location through a VPN. This technology enables you to hide your location as well as your IP address.

  • Share only data, not feelings

Did you know that individuals who share their feelings on social media often are oppressed or bullied? This data is according to one research. You see, it is better if you only share your personal feelings with your close friends or family rather than sharing it on Instagram.

  • Don’t share any personal data

It is recommended not to share any phone number or address on Instagram. Also, don’t include any status updates that will share any private details of you.

  • All the things you post online stays online

This is one thing you must always keep in mind; online privacy may have a distinct value to you after a decade. Do you want to be safeguarded? Then, make sure you do not post anything on Instagram, which you might shame later.

  • Wait for you to get home to post your holiday travels

Ultimately, people who really wanted to share their holiday vacation images must at least wait until they get back home. Doing that will allow you to make sure that your home is safe from any potential risks.

As a bonus tip: we recommend that you also set your Instagram account to Private. This will enable you to make your Instagram photos and other personal information not visible to everyone on Instagram. We hope with this information, we enlightened you about the risks of posting your holiday photos on Instagram.