Social media platforms today play an important role in promoting a company’s brand to large audience. They even provide opportunities for
finding potential customers while promoting a brand that can help to increase sales. A majority of businesses these days focus more on engaging the audience through social media during Christmas and New Year celebrations. At the same time, they should follow certain things for creating impressions on followers that can help to gain more advantages.

Here are some creative ideas meant for businesses to create effective ad campaigns.

Knowing hashtags

Hashtags are necessary for social media campaigns because they contribute more to deliver messages properly in promotional activities. Businesses should focus on generating hashtags that exactly suit Christmas & New Year promotions. This will help a lot to reach more customers as soon as possible thereby helping to improve business.

Adding festive cheer to social media pages

Businesses should add festive cheer to their social media pages by updating cover photos and profile images which give ways to get more followers. On the other hand, it is advisable to create them with innovative approaches for grabbing the attention of viewers.

Special announcements

It is advisable to reveal the announcement of Christmas & New Year vents before a few weeks with special offers or other things that can help to engage the audience with ease. In addition, it provides ways to get high traffic to a website for getting high visibility in search engines.

Themes with visual content templates

A business company should create themes with visual content templates which perfectly fit a campaign. Moreover, it can share some of them on social media networks for producing better impressions on followers.

Personalized video greetings

Businesses should create a short video greeting to followers which ultimately give ways to accomplish goals in campaigning activities. Another thing is that it makes feasible methods to divert the attention of visitors with high success rates.


Games attract a lot of customers in social media and businesses should create them with the latest applications. There are several apps available for this purpose that can help to engage the audience significantly. It is advisable to create a game with prizes and contests which pave ways to get the desired outcomes.

Scheduling content

A business company should schedule its content in advance that ultimately provide methods to connect audience at the right time.