Photography is not as easy it looks. It is an art and requires more skill to capture the natural-looking pics. When it comes to taking food pictures, then the challenge becomes harder. But if you pay attention and include the tips we are providing here, then your photos look livelier so, why wit let us look at the tips to capture food photos.

Important points to remember

Indeed the camera and your equipment do matter while taking the picture. Still, professional photographers know that capturing good food pic is less about your equipment and more about knowing how to get the aesthetic beauty of food by emphasizing the below points.

  • Plating – The quality of the picture depends on how you arrange your food.
  • Lighting – Knowing how to use the light to enhance and capture the right side of your food.
  • Composition – It is all about how you frame your shot.
  • Editing – How you tweak and make food picture more natural.

Tips to take a good food picture


1. Choose the right surface

Using the classic white color plates for taking the images in more colorful food makes your pic more vibrant. In the same way, using the picnic table and wooden cutting boards suits for taking the pics of fries and burgers. So, based on the food, select the more suitable background.

2. Start from the center

Once the surface is ready, then you need to arrange your food on the surface from the middle and then work your way out to make it look more beautiful.

3. Think as an artist

Professionals utilize tools like forks, spoons, and veggies to decorate food, and then they shoot. So, think like an artist and arrange the stuff more elegantly to enhance its looks. Don’t afraid to use sauces and patterns to make it look more artistic.

3. Lighting

Try to use the natural light than the artificial to make your food pic better. Lighting from the side of your food will bring out the shadows and bright places of some food textures like meat, bread, and cheese.

4. Angles

The angle will decide the look of your pics. Before taking the shots, you need to determine which aspects of your food to highlight. Based on that, you need to focus on and capture the pictures. Taking side shots will suit some food, and others won’t.

Other tips

  • Sharpen your image while editing to make your pic more vibrant
  • Use soft and diffused light
  • Don’t light your food from the front
  • Give more focus on the food and avoid focusing on the background
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast levels while editing

So, if you follow these tips, your food pic looks more aesthetic and yummier for sure!