The possibility of programming future posts on social media pages make it easy for you to always have something published in your account.

Some entrepreneurs schedule posts weeks or even months before, and never worry about actually interacting on the page. The truth is that scheduled posts can be useful, although you must use them properly. Otherwise, your posts will seem automated and probably will not attract more people.

Easy to configure:

Schedule posts are easy to set up and can be scheduled at any time. You can choose the day, the year, the time and even the minute in which you want the message to be published. 

Ideal for busy weeks:

If you know you will be out of town later, you can schedule a few posts so that people can keep chatting while you are away. 

Advantages of scheduled posts:

Schedule posts in social networks have some very obvious advantages for a community manager: it saves you a lot of time and, moreover, allows you to organize yourself to publish at the optimal times in each social network, even outside working hours or on weekends.

Not to mention its usefulness in vacations: you can leave the tweets scheduled in advance, although there should always be someone with an eye on social networks to respond to interactions and monitor the activity of the community.

For example, when we schedule posts on Facebook, we can better manage my time for each task and we can focus on creating better content because we have more time to concentrate.

If we work, for example, in a post at the same time we need more time to configure everything and then exit: We have to take time to log in, compose the publication, concentrate, leave our account, etc.

On the other hand, if we work in several posts at the same time then we just start the session and prepare yourself once before working on the content set. Then we just close our session and that’s it!

In this way, schedule posts in advance allow us to concentrate and program several contents at once, thus managing our time much better.

However, schedule posts are not recommended for all publications. The reason why scheduled posts are not recommended for all posts is that the publication may easily appear overdue.

Instead of showing an original idea about a current event, its publication may seem outdated. When published on the fly, you are more likely to create interesting posts that motivate fans to interact.