It could be that you are getting addicted to the social media and is eager to share contents and photos with your known and unknown followers. But you need to practice extreme care when posting pictures on the social media to ensure safety. Doing some research can help you to avoid the different posting pitfalls.


Types of pictures that should not be posted on social media

  • Boarding pass: It might appear harmless to brag about the upcoming trip. But this does not mean that you should snap a photo of the boarding pass. Your followers already have your name and through this posting will get to know your destination. With the social post, your personal data, PNR and frequent flyer card can be jeopardized. Hackers may get access to your phone number, earned miles, passport data and data of birth. Your booking number will also clearly give out your leave and return, which means, your house security will be compromised upon.
  • Winning lotto ticket: You should not brag about your winning lottery ticket. Sharing betting tips will not be huge liability especially for small amounts. However, with some effort, criminals will be able to replicate scannable bar code only to steal your winnings.
  • Money: You will only invite trouble by posting images of wads of cash, credit cards and paychecks. Besides being of poor taste, it will only increase chances of you getting mugged. You should avoid captions or photos which might give away crucial financial information like your bank name.
  • Birth certificate: Identifying information if posted on the social media will mean losing it. Posting birth certificate image of your new baby can be great announcement to the world, but it will place the small one’s identity at risk. Permanent damage may be caused, if this government document falls into wrong hands. Birth certificate is an essential document that will be required for various reasons.
  • Confidential work emails: You should not post snapshots of your confidential work related documents on the social media. You will not enjoy your competitors knowing about any branding or development idea that may be contained in the email. Again posting ‘venting’ conversations with coworkers will not be a good idea, as you stand to face disciplinary action and even be sacked.

The above are few of the limitations that you should realize when posting photos on your social media.

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