Instagram stories are not a new feature now and apart from regular users many businesses are also using it successfully. Still there are few who are unable to use it optimally and for them here is a basic guide. It will help you know how you can make Instagram stories work for you.

What is Instagram stories all about?

As a user you can add images or videos on your Instagram profile that can be viewed by your followers. Unlike the regular posts Instagram stories will not be there in your profile grid always. They will disappear after 24 hours and thus it’s a creative way to attracting your followers. You can share anything that you wish in slide show basis where things will come and go.

You can find Instagram stories at the top of the Instagram homepage. The person whose story will be displayed is the one whose picture is in the circle. If it is orange bordered then it means that you have not viewed it yet. By tapping at the story bar you can view anyone’s story.

How to Use Instagram Stories?

Before diving too deep into the how’s of Instagram stories let’s learn about few basic things.

  • You can add a post to your story in two ways. You may visit your profile page and click on the profile picture. Apart from that you may also navigate the main feed and then click on the camera icon at the top left corner. After taking your photo you can edit them and then by tapping on the “+your story” you can add your story for your followers.
  • Based on the type of business you have just adding an ordinary photo may not let you achieve what you want. For that you can add a video or a live incident may also be very attractive. You can share photos of any business event that you have attended.
  • You can post images of 1080 x1920 pixels in the Instagram Stories. Thus, for some photos you may have to crop the images.
  • For optimizing the content of your story you should use the text, pen and sticker features that will make your posts more attractive and creative. You can even explain the story briefly.

Instagram stories is a good way to promote the incidents that goes on in your business without cluttering your profile much. It will also keep your followers visiting your profile regularly to view the latest story you are sharing. Thus, be creative while you share.