The social networking site Instagram is one of the best and most-used platforms out there at the moment. It is a great way to click, edit and share images, messages
and videos with the world. It is used by 1 billion users every month across the globe. The platform is used by everyone, but there are strict guidelines on the kind of photos that can or cannot post here.

Which Pictures Are Not Allowed On Instagram?

It is important to avoid posting images that have:

  • Hate speech
  • Sexual content
  • Online gambling
  • Sale or purchase of tobacco
  • Sale or purchase of alcohol
  • Sale or purchase of firearms
  • Nudity
  • Sale of live animals
  • Featuring some illegal prescription drug
  • Encouraging self-injury
  • Depiction of eating disorders
  • Things that support or praise terrorism
  • Images or messages of hate groups
  • Pictures that glorify organized crime
  • Men or women offering sexual services
  • Threats of vandalism, financial harm, physical harm etc

In some cases, a few things could be legal in the region or country that you live in – such as some types of drugs, firearms etc. However, it could be banned, illegal or prohibited in other areas. You have to find out in detail about all such restrictions; as your posts could be banned otherwise.

It might not be illegal to screenshot images, but the way that you use it might be illegal. In case you share, publish or use copyrighted images with no license or right to the content, you will end up infringing on the copyright of the owner. In such cases, you might even encounter legal repercussions.

No abuse or attacks based on disease, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender, sex, national origin, ethnicity, race is allowed through photos, or messages or videos.

Which Pictures Are Allowed On Instagram?

You need to post images that are suitable for a diverse audience. If you use, share or publish non-copyrighted pictures, such as your own images, and have licenses or rights to the pictures, you will not face any ban or legal repercussions. There is no way you can be held for infringing on the copyright of any owner.

While Instagram does not allow nudity, it makes some exceptions, such as allowing the images of women actively breastfeeding or scarring post-mastectomy. It also allows nudity that is depicted in sculptures and paintings.