Instagram stories are quite popular now but many people still think that what the use of them is. If you have an Instagram strategy for promoting your business then you must use Instagram stories for getting better results. Want to know why? Read on

More than 200M daily active users

Instagram stories is becoming the fastest growing platform with more than 200 million people using it. With so many active users you can spread your story fast and especially when each story is discoverable. By ‘discoverable’ it means that your stories can be followed by those who are not your followers. By this you can add more and more followers. Just be creative with your stories.

Hashtag addition to the stories

Yes, you can add hashtags to your Instagram stories. That means if someone is looking for something with a hashtag your story with that particular hashtag will appear on the feed. So? You become more discoverable. If you have not checked it yet then try it now!

Grow your community

Instagram stories gives you the opportunity to grow your community. Tag other users in your stories and make them feel valued. This way you can built the relationship better. You can even start new ones. Like if you have an inspirational blog then adding people to them will help growing their interest in your stories as well as in what you share.

Promote exclusivity

Instagram stories helps you in promoting the exclusive events of your business. You can give them a peep about what you are working on through your Instagram stories. These will appear for only 24 hours and thus will create an interest. If you plan a good strategy then you can make such stories and create an interest in your followers.

Add a personalized approach to engagement

You can let your followers get a personal touch with you and your business by adding some personalized moments. People always do business with those who makes them feel special and you can utilize these stories in doing that. Do something by which you can share your passion for the work, or justify why you are launching something new.

Instagram stories are the best way to create an awareness about your brand. They will let you make your followers and others feel your presence. Use them at least twice a day that will keep your profile active. You can find more followers and see your brand promoted.