Fake news is all over the place. Few days ago, Facebook turned down advertisement banners and rumors that were published about COVID-19 in the social media site. Especially advertisements that promoted the sales of medical masks were clamped down completely. On the other hand, Google has posted thousands of search results about the growing pandemic. Yet, all of these search results are no longer linked to YouTube videos that urge people not to seek medical assistance. Likewise, Twitter is working hard to ensure that crazy conspiracies are no longer posted in the social media website about the coronavirus.

In the past few years, the impact of fake news has grown in leaps and bounds in social media websites. So many forces are trying to stop the growth of fake news. Nevertheless, fake news has a way of spreading like wildfire, especially in the case of COVID-19.

Misinformation about the Virus

First things first, there are so many incorrect figures on the number of affected COVID-19 cases. Some websites claim that the disease has affected more than 100,000 people. And, the total number of worldwide deaths is around 4500. Unfortunately, these figures are absolutely unreliable. This is a critical situation where fake news is causing serious trouble.

For once, the major reason behind this fake news is not a major failure in a technical company. Nor, this is not a place where online campaigns are spreading incorrect information. Instead, it is a state of panic that is causing this kind of fake news to spread around the world. Till date, there is no news that state backed personalities are promoting this kind of fake news.

Who is spreading Fake news on COVID-19?

If no group is spreading news about COVID-19, then who is responsible for this? Well, people themselves are sharing wrong information. The half-truths, fake stories and rumors about COVID-19 are due to the wider public. And, these stories are on the rise because more and more people want to protect their families, friends and themselves. These fake stores act as a way of showcasing their need to stay safe and cautious of the situation.

Unfortunately, this measure is turning out to be a serious people for medical facilities, governments and the common man.

How to Avoid Fake News?

In this critical hour, it is impossible to eradicate fake news completely. However, it is important for people to use their skills, experience and common sense while evaluating the news around them! No all of them need to be rejected, instead, the ones that truly make sense and are released from genuine sources should be considered.