Every now and then we are exposed to information that is hardly true. And, these pieces of information are also known as fake news. Time after time, fake news has been associated to politics and economics. The presence of faulty news narrows down the overall focus on the subject. Most of the time, false information refers to a diverse range of topics like economics, environmental and health case. The news can be misinterpreted and altered across all genres and platforms. This means, there is no topic or genre free from fake information.

What does fake news or false information mean?

First things first, you must be aware of the definition of fake information from a practical point of view. The things we read and see in social media networking websites are not true all the time. Of course, the information will appear flawless most of the time. However, reality can be poles apart from what is presented in websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fake news is often initiated by a group of people or an individual, who wishes to mislead viewers. It can deceive the recipient, and encourage them to make inappropriate decisions. On the whole, the ultimate aim of fake news is to influence the views and opinions of people. Fake news is known for triggering confusion amongst viewers too! In the long run, businesses make thousands of dollars by distributing fake news. Even when the source appears trustworthy, you must be careful with the details received. There are can be so much fake news behind every article, and website.

Why is Fake News Famous?

A lot of people consider fake news as a thing introduced by current governments and leaders. Well, this is absolutely wrong. Fake news has been around for generations. Yet, it became the talk of the town in 2017. This was when the internet changed the way we present and receive information. When news is published in papers, the information goes through many codes of practice and strict regulations. However, what is shared across online platforms is not subject to editorial standards and regulations. This means, anyone can publish anything on any topic.

Different Types of Fake News

There are so many different varieties of fake news. One, you have click bait. These are simple stories used to gain more advertising revenue and visitors into a website. These stories will be sensational, and can grab the attention of anyone. Two, you have propaganda which mainly used to mislead potential audiences. Three, you have sloppy journalism which happens when journalists and reports release unreliable details.